Adam Douglas Kamil So What's Your Story

The Adam Douglas Kamil Media Award was developed to help UC San Diego undergraduates polish their skills in film production and to help them realize their creative potential in this field. Adam was a UC San Diego Visual Arts Media major with a passion for the power of media to connect people. To honor the memory of their son who passed away in December 2009, the Kamil family has established the Adam Douglas Kamil Student Media Prize.

The award consists of a grand prize of $2000 and two finalist prizes for $1000 each. In order to participate, students will submit a film that addresses the theme "So What's Your Story" to learn more about the theme click here. This opportunity is open to all UC San Diego enrolled undergraduate students.

2018 Deadline:
Film Award Submission Due April 6, 2018. Click here for a copy of the application.


Those who wish to generously donate to the ADK MEDIA AWARDS may do so by clicking the give button below: 

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