MFA Candidate Elizabeth Hensley Chaney featured in



10 May 2013, after 6PM

El Grafógrafo: Libros & Café, Pasaje Rodríguez, Av. Revolución entre 3ra y 4ta., 22000 Tijuana, Baja California Norte, México

Each of the editions, After, start with a talk recorded during each of the dinners. These meetings, mostly take place in Colonia Federal since 2011, offer a space for the analysis of the development that support the complex (and related unjust) contemporary food systems in the transborder region, known as Bajalta California.

The talks crystalize in the form of a publication that mixes extracts from the transcripts with texts, which expand certain moments of the talk.


Bebeleche por las áreas verdes (Bebeleche for green areas) (, by Ricardo Arana C.;
Yay*lax (, by Liz Arizona/Bartz;
Son chiles pues (it's peppers) (, by Dan Watman;
149.6 (, by Elizabeth Hensley C.;
5 retratos (5 photos) (, by Amy Sanchez.

Discussion will follow lectures