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21-24 October 2010

Grand Palais, the Cour Carrée du Louvre and in the Tuileries's garden. Paris, France

The 36th edition of FIAC, one of the most prestigious art fairs, will be held in Paris from October 21-24. The manifestation gathers 191 galleries from 21 different countries, and will be divided between the Louvre museum and the Grand Palais, which will be the site of the modern art section "Les Temps Modernes," with works from major collectors like Gagosian, Acquavella, Pace Wildenstein and Louis Carré. A series of sculptures, installations and performances will be presented at the Jardins des Tuileries. Giraud and Siboni's work, a firework display, will be presented Tuesday, October 20th at 10pm, while Prinz Gholam's performance will be held at 4pm. A series of musical and performative events will be presented at the Auditorium du Louvre: Charles Curtis, Carol Robinson and Bruno Martinez will perform Naldjorlak, composed by French musician Eliane Radigue; Christian Marclay will present the pièce Zoom Zoom, and Gary Hill will show The Mirror Points, while the Jeu de Paume will host Tris Vonna-Michell's performance.

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