A presentation by the Rutgers University Mason Gross School of the Arts presents , "Photography, for the Moment…" moderated by Marvin Heiferman, featuring Lesley A. Martin, Fred Ritchin, and Artie Vierkant

In recent years, people involved in art and art photography worlds have been talking—passionately, obsessively, and sometimes defensively—about how the photographic medium is being transformed. Photographic imaging is central to, and has become thoroughly embedded in, all aspects of our private and public lives. The opticentric nature of 21st-century culture is exciting for some and nervous making for others, because the reach and ramifications of photographic images are inescapable. As part of the school's "Mason Gross Presents" series, this panel brings together a number of leading practitioners in the field to talk about how, in their work, they are responding to what photography seems to be, at least for the moment, and where their work and the medium itself might be heading.

19 November 2014 / 5PM

Rutgers University / Civic Square Auditorium,
33 Livingston Ave, New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901


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Artie Vierkant is an UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts Alumni. For more about his work, please visit:

Image Credit:
Artie Vierkant's Usage Pending, 2014.
Courtesy of Higher Pictures.