Visual Arts' Emily Grenader teamed with Computer Science and Engineering research scientist Nadir Weibel and Brazilian undergraduate exchange student Danilo Gasques Rodrigues to work with 15 graduate and undergraduate students from ICAM and CSE last summer to tag and organize individual video portraits based on action, emotion, age, and movement. "We wanted to be able to better understand how visitors to interactive installations react to a crowd of strangers and the possibility to be part of it, as well as how this paradigm can be used to augment social interactions," explains Grenader. "To properly show our data, we need to display our findings visually, and that's where the Vroom display system comes in." During the performance, the high-resolution 'moving' portraits of the latest visitors are merged on the Vroom display so that the full impact of the crowd can be felt across the Vroom's 30-feet by 15-feet expanse (but with each face in the crowd clearly visible because the video portraits are captured at high resolution). The final performance will also take advantage of similar portraits captured over the past two years by Grenader's VideoMob project. "We will organize a presentation that allows us to dynamically display our visual research," she adds, "while also leaving time for the public to connect to the interactive installation by recording their own videos that will instantly be added to the crowd." Undergraduates Sylvia Li (InterdisciplinaryComputing in the Arts major) and Jimmy Nguyen (CSE) joined the team in 2015 to help create CrowdCAVE.

Monday, 15 June 2015, 5-7PM
Calit2 Theater/Vroom/StarCAVE

UC San Diego, 9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, California 92093

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Emily Grenader is an UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts MFA Alumna. For more about her work, please visit: