New Vistas

1 October - 30 December 2017
Reception on Saturday 7 October // 4-8PM
Artists' Talks and 3D Digital Demonstration: 6PM

Human Messages: New Vistas is a multi-media exaltation of art, culture, and family created by Bay Area fine artists

For more than thirty years, Arastu has created images with continuous, lyrical line and a variety of re-purposed materials in an effort to express joy in the universal spirit that unites humanity. Through her art, she has been able to transcend physical and mental limitations to create images of transformation. As a woman, Hindu, Muslim, artist, and mother, she sees this challenge as a unique opportunity to create harmony through the expression of the universal in her art. Titled, Celebration of Calligraphy, Arastu’s paintings surround and serve as context for Hardin’s 78 portraits of four Muslim families, one of which is Arastu’s.

Fifteen years in the making, Hardin premiers: Art of the Family (The Four Muslims), 78 portraits of families of different ethnicities who have traveled to America to make their homes and a new life. This installation is Part III of Hardin’s extended project, The Human Family Tree/A Walk through Paradise…seven installations. Paradise… is an evocative multimedia meditation on the experiences we share, regardless of faith, culture, or ethnicity, and centers on families who are followers of seven major world religions. Each successive installation focuses on a single religion, presenting 78 freestanding portraits, along with touching objects, environmental displays, and 36 original soundscapes and music by Hardin’s longtime collaborator and fellow UCSD alumnus, Los Angeles composer, Jonathan Sacks.

Snapshots from family photo albums transcribed into genre paintings offer an unexpected window into the shared human experiences that bridge the personal and the universal. A labyrinth of footpaths and columns replicating the mythic Tree of Life creates a ‘walk through paradise’ among the paintings for viewers. On a symbolic level, these installations explore ideas about cultural self-definition, the pervasiveness of the American dream, the universality of, and new directions imagined for, the human family and their faiths. As human longevity extends dramatically in the coming decades, and broken heartstrings from family trauma through new trauma incident reduction modalities are able to be healed, Arastu and Hardin, in this project, call for human beings to consciously decide to manifest heaven on earth, creating paradise here and now. This new vista urges forward Think Round Fine Arts’ nonprofit code of ethics: Earth is home. Humans are family.
Think Round Fine Arts
2140 Bush Street, Suite 1B, San Francisco CA 94115
(between Fillmore and Webster. Gallery entrance is on the driveway.)

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Heidi Hardin is an UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts undergraduate and MFA alumna. For more about her work, please visit:

Image Credit:
Heidi Hardin, Shirin in the Snow detail, 2017.
Oil on panel, 20" x 16", mounted on fabric covered panel, 48" x 24"
Image is courtesy of Artist Heidi Hardin and Think Round Fine Arts, San Francisco.

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