Image detail from Landfill 16 is courtesy of Artist Jennifer Reeves.

Film by MFA Alumna Jennifer Reeves featured in


14 March 2013, 7:30PM

Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle St, Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachussetts 02138

With the natural world teetering on the brink of multilateral catastrophe, a group of analog filmmakers have taken matters into their own hands. Through direct contact with the medium – lifting and reassembling images on the film strip – adhering waste matter to celluloid – leaving emulsion to languish in the landfill – the artists interpret physical processes that ravage our land. Their grave methods yield results of unexpected poetry, vibrancy and beauty. Attendees of this show will receive a special, locally-produced, collaborative zine, made available through the Papercut Zine Library.


WWII (work-in-progress) / Douglas Urbank
Landfill 16 / Jennifer Reeves
Buffalo Lifts / Christina Battle
Oil Wells: Sturgeon Road & 97th Street / Christina Battle
Transaension / Dan Baker
The Dante Quartet / Stan Brakhage
Ah, Liberty! / Ben Rivers

Tickets are $10 for regular admission and $8 for students and seniors.



(Jennifer Reeves, 2011, 16mm, 9 minutes)

“Exhumed 16mm film from my very own landfill in Elkhart, Indiana constitute the canvas of Landfill 16. After finishing my double-projection When It Was Blue I was horrified by the bulk of outtakes that would normally go to a landfill. So I temporarily buried the footage to let enzymes and fungi in the soil begin to decompose the image, and then I hand-painted the film to give it new life. This “recycling” is a meditation on the demise of the beautiful 16mm medium and nature’s losing battle to decompose the relics of our abandoned technologies and productions.

The ominous soundtrack mixes recognizable audio, from bulldozers to nature audio, with more abstracted textural and rhythmic sounds I created using audio from consumer-goods factories, old 16mm equipment, the cries of a dying bird stuck in my wall, and other oddities. Within this multi-textured, pulsating, abstract moving painting I attempt to express my dread of man-made waste that endangers land and wildlife.”
-- Jennifer Reeves

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