Image from Fear of Blushing is courtesy of Artist Jennifer Reeves.

Film by MFA Alumna Jennifer Reeves' film featured in


4 December 2001, 7PM

Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Davis Auditorium (Wham 105)
1263 Lincoln Dr, Carbondale, Illiniois 62901

$3 admission

An eclectic group of films presents a variety of animated perspectives including claymation, collage, hand painting and processing, stop motion and pinhole photographic techniques.

Featured films will be "Vessel Wrestling," 13-minute, 2001 by Lisa Yu; "Swiss Army Knife with Rats and Pigeons," six-minute, 1981, by Robert Breer; "Visible Compendium," 17-minute, 1991, by Larry Jordan; "Pony Glass," 14.5-minutes, 1997 by Lewis Klahr; "Lost Motion," nine-minute, 2000 by Janie Geiser; "Fear of Blushing," five-minute, 2001 film by Jennifer Reeves; and "My Life as a Bee," five-minute, 2000 by Robert Schaller.


(Jennifer Reeves, 2001, 16mm, 6 minutes)

“Fear of Blushing" bursts forth with irrepressible hand-painted color, corroded emulsion and a menacing soundscape of looped voices, distorted instrumentals, samples & rhythm. Fleeting visions and voices erupt out of the ominous abstraction in unusual juxtapositions, suggesting a cinematic free-association marked by anxiety, pleasure and shame. Best appreciated in the immediate; the 7200 painted frames fly by at an average of 12 per second.

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