Tuesday, November 3rd // 7PM

Jenna Bliss / Lea Cetera / Kate Clark / Laura Cooper / Hermione Spriggs & Curtis Tamm / Shen Xin

To translate is to filter, to sieve one substance through another. This act is inevitably transformative, altering and displacing the original, producing unforeseeable consequences, and opening up a space of understanding and transformation.

All of the art works in Eyes as Sieves share an impulse to translate: between materiality, and forms, between ways of seeing and forms of knowing, between histories and cultures, between visceral experiences, artistic representations and disconnected spaces.

Overlaying a hallucinatory dreamspace onto a real-life one; mapping a set of commercial domestic paint colors onto a herd of Mongolian horses; returning a fragment of rock to its place of origin 250 million years later; tracing the contours and energies of an uncontrollable, eruptive landscape on camera; observing your father as he documents and commodifies a disappearing culture: all of these works perform acts of translation, bringing their subjects and gestures to into productive, suggestive contact. As they do so, they come up against the limits of their chosen forms, which often (compellingly) fail to fully capture and convey the objects of their attention.

On the margins lurk questions: which discourses or forms dominate others? What gets lost, tamed, mistranslated? And equally, what gets revealed, unearthed, generated?

In keeping with ideas of translation and displacement the show Eyes As Sieves will open offsite, as a screening and performance event that is physically removed from the exhibition in the Global Committee space. The works on show in the gallery are fragments of larger bodies of work related to the moving image and performance works.

Global Committee Gallery, 354 Bowery, New York City 10012
info [at] globalcommittee [dot] org

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Kate Clark and Hermione Spriggs are UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts MFA Alumni. For more about their work, please visit:

Kate Clark

Hermione Spriggs

Image by Hermione Spriggs & Curtis Tamm is courtesy of the Global Committee Gallery.

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