In conjunction with Angela Washko's Exhibition A Monopoly on Truth, San Diego Art Institute presents two performances by Washko and NYC-based artist Nathaniel Sullivan. Both performers expand and imagine aspects of male authority figures' personal lives that have been intentionally obscured or left out of the public narratives around them.

Equal parts gonzo journalism, ethnographic research, storytelling, digifeminism, tactical empathy, and performance art, Angela Washko's A Monopoly on Truth: How I Interviewed the Web's Most Infamous Misogynist is a new performance in which an artist's quest to interview women who have slept with the notoriously misogynistic pickup artist Roosh V results in an unexpected (digitally mediated) face-to-face interview with the industrial microbiologist turned international playboy himself. Throughout the performance Washko navigates safe spaces/dark corners of the internet, ultimately strategizing to create empathy across aggressively polarized communities. Diving headfirst into the PUA's elaborate mythology, the performance will culminate in a partial screening of the interview she conducted with a man named "the internet's most infamous misogynist" (Daily Dot), "possibly the worst person we've encountered" (Jezebel).

Nathaniel Sullivan's performance A View from Above is a lecture performance based on the statistical mythology of basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain. He was a lover and a fighter. On March 2, 1962 he scored 100 points in a single game--an NBA record that has stood for over 50 years. In 1992 he wrote an autobiography where he claimed that he had sex with 20,000 women. Sullivan read this book when he was 12 years old. He has wondered since about the relationship between these two numbers, and whether stats tell us the whole story. A View From Above begins as a lecture by what seems like an ESPN anchor gone amok and unravels further into a subjective narrative that touches on the tyranny of statistics, pseudoscience, sexual politics, gladiatorial sports culture, and bodily fluids.

March 27th // 7PM
San Diego Art Institute / Balboa Park,
1439 El Prado, San Diego, California 92101

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Angela Washko is an UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts MFA Candidate. For more about her work, please visit:

Image is courtesy of Artist Angela Washko.

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