MFA Thesis Performance

June 8th, 2015
Refreshments and immersive video installation at 5:30pm.
**Performance starts at 6:00pm.**
@ Experimental Media Lab (SME 401)

Tightrope Routines is a storytelling performance based on seven months of exchanges between feminist artist Angela Washko and pick-up artist, author, blogger and notorious manosphere leader Roosh V. The performance began with a provocation called BANGED.

BANGED was a project initially proposed as a platform in which I would interview women who have had sexual encounters with Roosh V (a former industrial microbiologist who now writes textbooks called BANG, Day Bang, Bang Iceland and more about “picking up girls and getting laid” across geographic and cultural boundaries) and produce a parallel book and web-based project to his conquest narratives. I intended to distribute calls for these women through mainstream media, Craigslist, physical posting and more. This project became problematized when Roosh V became aware of it through online announcements regarding its eventual awarding of the Rhizome Internet Art Microgrant. I knew the project would from then on have to be in conversation with Roosh V himself. The performance outlines this story from research to conducting an interview with the international playboy himself to responses to what next (if anything) and serves as a testament to my experience shifting from activism to ethnography in spaces of extreme hostility toward women and feminists and is a document of what tactical media might look like in today’s increasingly stratified media landscape.

Additional dates to view exhibition in Experimental Media Lab:
Tuesday June 9th, 1-5pm
Wednesday June 10th, 1-5pm

Angela Washko is an UC Department of Visual Arts MFA Candidate. For more about her work, please visit:

Images courtesy of Artist Angela Washko.