Saturday, 7 April 2018 // 2-4PM

Babette Mangolte emerged as a key figure in New York’s 1970s avant garde art, film and performance scenes, and is celebrated equally for her work as a filmmaker, photographer and cinematographer. For over four decades, her practice has addressed complex questions about the act of looking.

Watch Mangolte’s evocative first film, which presents the point of view of a young girl looking at the world around her. In this re-reading of Henry James’ novel of the same name, we see glimpses of gestures, exchanges and body parts. Experimenting with the possibilities of subjective filmmaking, What Maisie Knew unfolds as a set of situations that repeat and evolve over the film’s duration. Its small cast includes choreographer Yvonne Rainer and composer Philip Glass.

The feature is paired with the short film Visible Cities, which follows two women looking for a home in the increasingly gated and exclusionary southern California landscape.
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Babette Mangolte is an UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts Professor. For more about her work, please visit:

Image Credit:
Babette Mangolte, What Maisie Knew, 1975.
Still image is courtesy of Artist Babette Mangolte.