November 7, 2:00 - 5:00pm

Structural and Materials Engineering Building, Visual Arts Presentation Lab, Room 149

How do you write into being those worlds that exist between fiction and fact and criticism? Today we present three different writers, each acclaimed for their ficto-critical oevre, whose work explores this question. Readings by Allen Shelton (Sociology, Buffalo State University of New York), Cristina Rivera-Garza (Literature, UCSD) and Lesley Stern (Emerita Visual Arts, UCSD) will be followed by a roundtable discussion.

Allen Shelton's Dreamworlds of Alabama has been described as "a very powerfully written book and a much-needed intervention in academic thought about intensity, place, materiality, and the uncanny (or otherwise excessive) reaches and resonances of what we call meaning" (Kathleen Stewart, author of Ordinary Affects). Here is a video which contains readings from his new book, Where The North Sea Touches Alabama. 

Where the North Sea Touches Alabama

Cristina Rivera-Garza's most recent book of criticism, Los muertos indóciles. Necroescrituras y desapropiación, comparatively explores the contemporary discussions surrounding conceptualist writing in the United States, post-exoticism in France, as well as communally-based writing throughout the Americas. She is widely published in many genres.


Lesley Stern has published in many genres and is highly acclaimed for her ficto-critical The Smoking Book.  Diary of a Detour is a current writing project.

Diary of a Detour | Lesley Stern