Wednesday, December 9th // 4PM
Structural and Materials Engineering Building (SME) #149 Presentation Lab

The program includes a short excerpt from Basquin's work-in-progress feature film Wolf Release which comes out of the same research as his thesis installation Someone Who is Not You, currently on view this week at the VAF Performance Space 309:
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday // 2-6pm


Martin (2004), 16mm film 5 minutes
Border Fence By Lamp Light (2012), SD video 1 minute
Around (2013), 16mm film 5 minutes
Just Before the Light Left for the Night (2013), super 8mm film/HD 3 minutes
Death Valley Love Letter (2014), 16mm film 5 minutes
From the Tide Pools to the Stock Pond (2015), HD video 18 minutes
Late December, East of the Sierras (2014), 16mm film 21 minutes
Gwynn Tank (2015), HD video 4 minutes
Wolf Release (work-in-progress), 16mm film 5 minute excerpt

Total program running time: 1 hour 7 minutes

Bill Basquin has been making films since the late 1990s. His art crosses genre and mode in ways that are quiet and sometimes surprising. He likes to work outside, with his hands, in dim daylight. He also likes the lessons that come from working with people, living with a tiny grey cat, and continuing to attune to worlds both wild and cultivated.

Still image detail is courtesy of Bill Basquin.

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