Normally one tries to clean before guests arrive, but this is a story of after. With time’s persistence, one thing shifts to another. Matter can’t be certain then, it spills over from the past and some of it we can see. We step sideways to avoid what is felt, but every moment is frozen. More real is the ghost that is freed from times passing, then we who are stuck within it. How do we trap a moment that lies beyond this one? How do we work towards matters will? How do we sense the aliveness of everything? The answer is we coax. We look. We allow. We pause. We give time to things we don’t understand, and we speak from a place deep within us.

After the Victory Dance is an installation by Brianna Rigg comprised of both new and used sculptures swept into accumulations to express the embeddedness of the figure in landscape. Delicate figurative works traverse a composite atmosphere evocative of calving glaciers, overgrown junkyards, and high school proms. These sculptures seek movement but are anchored by gravities pull, by history, and by their own definition. Their tragedy lies in the fact that they adopt the fixed posture of sculpture’s tradition.
Please walk carefully.

Opening Reception: Sat Jan 24th 6-9pm
Closing Reception: Sat February 7th 6-9pm

Helmuth Projects, 1827 5th Ave, SD, California 92101

Brianna Rigg is an UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts MFA Alumna and Lecturer. For more about her work, please visit:

Image courtesy of the Artist.

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