Monday, May 2, 2016 @ 6:15 PM
Visual Arts Presentation Lab, SME 149

Chantal Akerman
Saute ma ville, 1968
13 minutes

Jean-Luc Godard
Pierrot le fou, 1965
110 minutes

At the age of fifteen, Chantal Akerman saw Jean-Luc Godard’s Pierrot le fou (Pierrot the Madman) for the first time. She said, “I walked into Pierrot le fou because I liked the title. I watched that film, and it was so completely different. I felt like it was talking to me. It was poetry.” It was after this initial exposure to the French New Wave that she decided to become a filmmaker. In 1968, she shot her first film, Saute ma ville (Blow Up My Town), a black-and-white short, in which a young Akerman performs household chores before the camera to the point of absurdity. Ultimately, her character sets off a deadly explosion much like Ferdinand, Godard’s male protagonist, punctuating the satire’s end.