The Civic Imagination Series welcomes
Antanas Mockus
in conversation with Fonna Forman, Gerry Mackie, and Teddy Cruz

Visual Arts @ SME 402
5:00 - 6:30 PM

Bogotá in the 90's was a city in crisis. Drug violence, urban crime, and complete civic break-down made it 'one of the most dangerous cities on the planet.' When Antanas Mockus took office as mayor (1995-1997, 2001-2003) he declared that transforming the city must begin with re-imaging municipal bureaucracy and transforming social behavior. His idiosyncratic methods, using art and culture as performative instruments of civic engagement, provoked dramatic change in a time of urban crisis. During his years of governance, Bogotá’s water usage decreased by 40%, homicide decreased by 70%, traffic fatalities by 50%, water and sewer services were extended to nearly all households, and tax collections nearly doubled.

Mockus now leads the Bogotá-based think tank Corpovisionarios, who is presently collaborating with UCSD on a Ford Foundation-funded Bi-national Citizenship Culture Survey to measure citizenship culture in the San Diego-Tijuana border region. Antanas Mockus is a philosopher, former Rector of The National University of Colombia, and was a presidential candidate in the last national elections in Colombia.



THE 2014-15 CIVIC IMAGINATION SERIES A collaboration between the UCSD Center for Urban Ecologies in the Visual Arts Department and the UCSD Center on Global Justice A set of public programs that address pressing bio-regional and global socio- economic, urban and environmental issues. These meetings focus on a critical analysis of local conflicts in order to re-evaluate the meaning of shifting global dynamics, across geo-political boundaries, natural resources, cultural demographics, urbanization and social justice. In previous years, the series has included Eyal Weizman, Andrew Ross, Richard Sennett, Hou Hanru, MAP Office and many others.