UC San Diego, Department of Music, Grad Forum
December 2, 7:00 - 9:00 pm, University Art Gallery

Graduate students from UC San Diego's Music Department present an evening of experimental music amidst the University Art Gallery's Extensions of Photography exhibit. Upon looking at a photograph, one is faced with a still image captured from a split second in the past - initially, this strikes one as a mere truism, but it is in this moment that past and present are, in a way, collapsed. It is this sense that Collapsing Temporalities sets out to explore - the kind of collapse that occurs when manifold entities are condensed into a temporal unity. While the historical dislocation enabled by a photograph might seem a far cry from the immediacy of sound, musicians are always consolidating the past into the present. In Collapsing Temporalities, images will be made audible through digital processes, improvisers will draw upon a wealth of past experience to construct new aural logics in real time, and a violin will utter its last sound in Nam June Paik’s Fluxus hallmark, “One for Violin Solo.”

Participating Artists:

Chris Clarino: Nam June Paik’s “One for Violin Solo”


Kyle Motl and Tommy Babin: “The Mechanics of Discontent” for double bass

Daniel Fishkin: “hey ii”

La Musa w/ T.J. Borden: improvisation for recorder, guitar, and cello

Jacob Sundstrom: improvisation

Madison Greenstone: Erik Carlson's “For Bass Clarinet and Electronics”