Reception, November 30
3:00 – 6:00 PM
Visual Arts
107B- Sculpture: Practices and Genre
Mandeville 201 A

Common Thread is a one-day only sculptural event featuring works produced this quarter by undergrad Visual Arts students. A map will lead viewers to discover the sculptures both inside the studio in Mandeville 201A as well as throughout Mandeville Center. Common Thread connects artists using a variety of materials and strategies through the exploration of scale, interactivity, and technology.

Participating artists include: Jessica Ballenger, Diana Benavidez, Dorothy Boyd, Melissa Castro, Patrick Gaarder, Minxuan Lin, Karen Lo, Jessica McPeak, Gabrielle Nehrybecki, Hilary Ng, Jeremy Raab, Gabrielle Ramlow, Briana Schoner, Lucas Spenser, Nok Tam,Tamara Williams and Eir Yang.