The Discursive and Curatorial Productions (DCP) initiative in the UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts is pleased to present


Recent Programs and Projects of the Center for Land Use Interpretation

Thursday, March 5th // 3:30PM

Matthew Coolidge has been the director of the Center for Land Use Interpretation since its inception in 1994. CLUI is a research and education organization interested in understanding the nature and extent of human interaction with the earth’s surface. It takes an interdisciplinary approach to the investigation of land use through exhibitions, tours, and publications that draw on the natural sciences, sociology, art, architecture, and history. The Center integrates the many approaches to land use—the many perspectives of the landscape—into a single vision that illustrates the common ground in “land use” debates. It has produced dozens of exhibits on land use themes and regions, for public institutions all over the United States and abroad, including including Around Wendover: An Examination of the Anthropic Landscape of the Great Salt Lake Desert Region, and Formations of Erasure: Earthworks and Entropy. Coolidge is the author and editor of Overlook: Exploring the Internal Fringes of America with the Center for Land Use Interpretation and Up River: Man-Made Sites of Interest on the Hudson from the Battery to Troy.

About DCP
The Discursive and Curatorial Productions (DCP) initiative is a space designed for critical dialogue and experimentation in curatorial and discursive practices, with workshops for research into art practice, the aesthetics of materialization, and the cognitive and pedagogical potential of aesthetics.

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