The UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts and the Discursive and Curatorial Productions Initiative

present a talk by

Judith F. Rodenbeck

Wednesday, February 19th, 3pm

Structural and Materials Engineering Bldg #406
UC San Diego, 9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, California 92037

Visiting Art Historian and Unweave Issue 2 contributor Judith F. Rodenbeck will lead an informal discussion of her project; a radical examination of the critical and reflexive aspects of participatory and performative artwork through the lens of Allan Kaprow's work. In her most recent book Radical Prototypes: Allan Kaprow and the Invention of Happenings, happenings are cast as a form of participatory art that simultaneously delivers a radical critique of that very participation--a view that revises our understanding of contemporary constructions of the participatory as well as of 1960s projects from Fluxus to conceptual art. [MIT Press]

Rodenbeck is Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art and Noble Foundation Chair in Modern Art and Culture at Sarah Lawrence College. She is former Editor-in-Chief of Art Journal and the coauthor of Experiments in the Everyday: Allan Kaprow and Robert Watts--Events, Objects, Documents.

About the Discursive and Curatorial Productions Initiative (SME Building, 406)

SME 406 is a space designed for critical dialogue and experimentation in curatorial and discursive practices, with workshops for research into art practice, the aesthetics of materialization, and the cognitive and pedagogical potential of aesthetics under the lead of Art History Faculty with support by PhD students and other collaborators.

The initiative is led by Art History Professors:

Elizabeth Newsome

Kuiyi Shen

Mariana Wardwell (aka Botey)