The UC San Diego Visual Arts Department and Discursive and Curatorial Productions (DCP) presents a lecture by

Vivian Sobchack

Stop + Motion: On Animation, Inertia, and Innervation

Wednesday, 23 April 2014 5:30 pm, SME Presentation Space #149

Reception at 5PM, SME Gallery #142

UC San Diego, Structural and Materials Engineering Bldg (SME) Presentation Space #149
9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, California 92093

Proposing a "poetics" rather than a "theory" of animation, this presentation focuses on our phenomenological and cultural relations with stop motion model animation at a particularly frenzied historical moment in which we are personally and collectively trying to "keep pace" with the relentless and technologically-driven speed of daily life. In contrast to that speed, model animation's visible hesitancies, its material resistances and vulnerabilities, speak both to our bodies and our sense of increasing exhaustion, of being "worn out." Model animation thus belies "virtual" animation's "plasmaticness" to reveal the traces of a grave and grounding material "effortfulness" that emerges not as movement's "other" but rather as its deep existential structure. It makes visible what we intimately and corporeally know but what the demands of our culture would deny: that animation in both life and cinema entails labor and is finite in both energy and its expenditure.

The lecture with renowned media theorist, Vivian Sobchack is part of the Spheres of Glass exhibition.

About DCP
The UC San Diego Visual Arts Department Discursive and Curatorial Productions Initiative is a space designed for critical dialogue and experimentation in curatorial and discursive practices, with workshops for research into art practice, the aesthetics of materialization, and the cognitive and pedagogical potential of aesthetics.

The DCP is led by Visual Arts Faculty Elizabeth Newsome, Kuiyi Shen, Mariana Wardwell and a team of PhD Students.

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Vivian Sobchack
Professor Emerita of Film, Television and Digital Media
UC Los Angeles

DCP Team

Elizabeth Newsome
Associate Professor of Visual Arts
UC San Diego

Kuiyi Shen
Professor of Visual Arts
UC San Diego

Mariana Wardwell (aka Mariana Botey)
Assistant Professor of Visual Arts
UC San Diego

The Spheres of Glass exhibition was curated by Katrin Pesch and Tim Ridlen, Ph.D. students in UC San Diego's Visual Arts Program in Art History, Theory, and Criticism with concentrations in Art Practice.

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