MFA 2016
Opening, Thursday May 19, 2016 5:00 - 8:00 pm
May 19 - June 3
11:00 am - 5:00 pm (closed Wednesdays)
Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego (downtown location)
1001 Kettner Blvd. San Diego 92101

Lyndsay Bloom / Tanya Brodsky / Stefani Byrd / Lucas Coffin / Jena Cummiskey / Shana Demassi / Angie Jennings / Kara Joslyn / Collective Magpie / Erika Ostrander / Kyle J. Thompson

The UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts presents DOSSIER THALAMUS an exhibition featuring graduating MFA students. For the first time in the history of the program this exhibition will be hosted at the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego (Downtown). The opening will take place on May 19 during Downtown at Sundown at MCASD.

Curated by an undergraduate alumna of the Department of Visual Arts, Selene Preciado, DOSSIER THALAMUS references a word with multiple meanings that is notably an integral part of cerebral functions. Preciado writes, "In an attempt to find associations beyond the surface, past the idea of coexisting as a cohort with shared experiences and symbiosis, language seemed the appropriate vehicle to connect the work of these twelve artists."

Participating artists have multi-layered practices. Lyndsay Bloom merges experimental films with scientific research in her collaborative projects. Tanya Brodsky's sculptures explore the capacity of everyday spaces and structures. Stefani Byrd's installations reveal the complicated nature of communication within contemporary culture. Lucas Coffin's objects and videos addresses educational pedagogies and juxtaposes futility with utility. Jena Cummiskey uses digital media to represent issues with time and memory. Shana Demassi's makes pieces that are visually tactile and play with the tensions of sight and touch. Issues of race and gender are central to Angie Jennings's paintings and performative works. Kara Joslyn works from photography to create paintings that engage in both representation and abstraction. Migration is the central discourse for Collective Magpie (Tae Hwang and MR Barnadas + participants). Erika Ostrander explores the process and content of unconventional materials in her sculptures and installations. Kyle J. Thompson analyzes material transformations in his installations.

Preciado concludes, "'Thalamus' and its different meanings or applications is an open-ended way to see these works together and to make, as a viewer, your own connections or conclusions."