The Center for the Humanities presents a lecture with

Dr. Tim Ingold

The Creativity of Undergoing

Thursday, 2 October 2014 // 3:30 - 5:00 pm

UC San Diego, Visual Arts Presentation Lab at the Structural and Materials Engineering Bldg (SME) #149
9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, California 92093

The Center for the Humanities welcomes the Third Annual Imminent Questions Speaker Tim Ingold speaking on The Creativity of Undergoing.

“With examples from music, calligraphy and lace-making, I show that the wellsprings of creativity lie not inside people’s heads, but in their attending upon a world in formation. In this kind of creativity, undergone rather than done, imagination is not so much the capacity to come up with new ideas as the aspirational impulse of a life that is not just lived but led. But where it leads is not yet given. In opening to the unknown – in exposure – imagination leads not by mastery but by submission. Thus the creativity of undergoing, of action without agency, is that of life itself.” -- Dr. Tim Ingold

Dr. Tim Ingold is the Chair of Social Anthropology at the University of Aberdeen. He began his research career amidst the Skolt Saami of northeastern Finland where he focused on ecological adaptation, social organization, and ethnic politics. Since then his research has wandered widely, but always driven by a concern for knowing at the intersection between environment, human learning and evolution, and built structures and institutions. A few of his books are Perception of the Environment, Lines: A Brief History, Being Alive, and Making. His current project, Knowing from the Inside: Anthropology, Art, Architecture and Design, seeks to reconfigure the relation between the practice of academic inquiry in the human sciences and the knowledge to which it gives rise.

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The Material Culture Working Group is facilitated by Elizabeth Newsome and Norman Bryson of Visual Arts, co-convened by Lisa Cartwright (Visual Arts, Communication, Science Studies), Roshanak Kheshti (Ethnic Studies), and Fernando Domínguez Rubio (Communication) – Ph.D. candidate Katrin Pesch and Ph.D. student Catherine Czacki provide additional support. Co-sponsored by Jordan Crandall and the Active Structures and Materials Initiative.

*Co-sponsored by the UC San Diego Center for the Humanities, Department of Anthropology, Laboratory for Comparative Human Cognition, Material Culture Working Group, Studio for Ethnographic Design, the Visual Arts Department, and Revelle College.

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