Please join the Visual Arts Department in the first of a monthly series of open faculty and student critiques and discussions


Drive-In #1: 

Wicking Discussions


April 5th, 1-3 pm / SME 204 + 206

The Los Laureles Gardening project and Wicking exhibit will serve as as a jumping off point for open discussion and critique concerning field-based and collaborative practice in the UCSD Vis Arts Department. 


1:00 pm SME 204

Wicking exhibition: Informal walk through and refreshments


1:20 SME 206


Lesley Stern: Professor, Film Criticism and Field based practice 



Sara Solaimani: Ph.D. Student, Art HIstory, Theory, and Criticism

Meanings of Collaborative Practice in the Tijuana-San Diego Borderlands Region


Alex Kershaw: Ph.D in Art History, Theory, and Criticism (Concentration in Art Practice)

Mud, Dust, and Orange Pirates


2:15-3:00 pm 

Open Discussion / Critique moderated by Lesley Stern