PhD Candidate Eduardo Navas curates

A Modular Framework / Un Marco Modular

9 November - 17 December 2010

Centro Cultural de España, Calle La Reforma #166, Col. San Benito, San Salvador, El Salvador

A Modular Framework is an exhibition that brings together artists from Latin America, or artists who have ties to Latin America, and have been producing new media work since at least the mid-nineties, when new media and digital art began to take shape. Most of the works included in this exhibition are recent, and were chosen as examples of diverse and rigorous art practices. The artists, themselves, while they crossover to art practice at large, are pioneers in digital and new media art in their own countries, and for this reason they were invited to participate in A Modular Framework.

This exhibition is the first of its kind in the Central American Region, and as such its purpose is to better acquaint the local culture with new media and digital art practice. At the same time, the exhibit is designed as a marking point, a fragmentary modular assessment of the rich production of new media art by a specific set of artists who share similarities in their approach to the medium of digital art as a proper practice. The works included comment in one way or another on interconnectivity and possibilities of communication by exploring diverse interests from politics to aesthetics.

Participating Artists:
Mayra Barraza, El Salvador
Giselle Beiguelman, Brazil
Arcangel Constantini, México
*Electronic Disturbance Theater y b.a.n.g. lab, USA*
Belén Gache, Argentina
Brian Mackern, Uruguay
Antonio Mendoza, Cuba/USA
Fernando Orellana, El Salvador/USA
Paul Ramirez-Jonas, Honduras/USA
Isabel Restrepo, Colombia
Gustavo Romano, Argentina

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