Exploring Transformation and Creativity Through Higher Education
An Experiential Learning Conference

31 March 2016 // 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

The Sixth College Experiential Learning Conference features Visual Arts faculty members Teddy Cruz and Brett Stalbaum; MFA candidate Michael Ano; undergraduate students Audrey Maier, Yang Zheng, and Tori Estrada-Odama; and MFA alumni Collective Magpie.

The conference will focus on the ways in which experiential learning pedagogies and practice can prepare us to address complex social problems and lead in an increasingly volatile and polarizing environment. We are particularly interested in panels that address contemporary social and political dilemmas, and the ways in which experiential learning best practices, challenges and recommendations can address them. Some questions to guide proposals are: In what ways can experiential learning pedagogies address complex social problems? What course or program designs are most effective in preparing students to understand and address the complexities of our modern society? What syllabi, programs and proposals can we develop that prepare us to address these pervasive concerns?


Sponsored by Sixth College, University of California, San Diego

Organizers: Diane Forbes Berthoud, Practicum Director, Sixth College; Shelley Streeby, Interim Director of Academic Programs; and Daniel Donoghue, Sixth College Provost.

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Teddy Cruz
Faculty, Department of Visual Arts
UC San Diego

Brett Stalbaum
Faculty, Department of Visual Arts
UC San Diego

Image Credit:
Dr. Zach Greene, Keynote, Experiential Learning.

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