35 mm film photo exhibition
Opening reception, Wednesday, May 10, 6:00 PM
Tuesday May 9 - Friday June 2

F 8.0 is a group exhibition from VIS 165, a class about material and conceptual analog photography practices. All the prints have been shot in film and hand processed in the darkroom. Based off the connecting themes across the student artwork, this show focuses on two ideas, the concept of a road trip and the surrounding landscapes, and also the human body and form. This show is supported by Visual Arts faculty Brian Cross and Ruben Ortiz-Torres. Curated by Visual Art student Farshid Bazmandegan.

Artists Featured:
Claudius Ansah
Joshua Barragan
Maria Belltracchi
Soni Bhalla
Nicolas Brunk
Jennifer Cardoza
Jing Deng
Evelyn Fan
Colton Garner
Dmitriy Goncharuk
Gary Hankins
Cyrus Jalinous
Dustin James
Andrew Johnson
Ruben Menjivar
Ernesto Munoz
Alanina Munoz
Richard Narvaez
Geoffrey Palomino
Jun Hyung Park
Justin Ricafort
Nanjia Su
Sierra Svenneby
Rosario Ureta
Rachel Valles Key
Jiajia Xu
Christy Ye


Triton Art Gallery
Triton Art, with encouragement from the Visual Arts Department, founded Triton Art Gallery in the fall of 2015 to create an additional venue for undergraduate students to showcasing their arts. Thus far, Triton Art has supported over ten undergraduate solo exhibitions in the gallery.

To learn about how to get involved with Triton Art activities please visit Facebook.com/ucsdtritonart or email Farshid Bazmandegan at fbazmand@ucsd.edu


Image by Dmitriy Goncharuk.