FILMATIC 2: The Art of Science and Cinema

Professor Sheldon Brown is a featured speaker among others plus Up&Coming student filmmakers

The first of its kind in California, the 2nd Annual Filmatic Festival takes adventurous digital media lovers on a 4 day journey of exploration through digital films, sonic and 3D events, gaming exhibitions, interactive performances, workshops, and so much more! Curated by respected digital media experts and thought leaders, the Filmatic Festival redefines and transforms traditional passive film-going attendance into fun, active, immersive and inspiring experiences. Focusing on themes of Time and Velocity this year, 2015 Filmatic pass-holders will be truly transported with each unique event. Stay tuned for the exciting 2015 schedule!

30 April - 3 May 2015 // 8-10PM
Qualcomm Institute Auditorium, located at Calit2
info [at] filmaticfestival [dot] com

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Professor Sheldon Brown

Associate Teaching Professor Brett Stalbaum

The Filmatic Festival is made possible through the support of the Qualcomm Institute, Art Power! and UC San Diego.

Image from Brett Stalbaum's VIS 40/ICAM 40 Introduction to Computing in the Arts Class with TAs: Erika Ostrander, Trevor Amery and Patrick Shields.

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