A Solo Exhibition by Farshid Bazmandegan
April 14 - 17, 12:00 - 5:00 pm
Reception, April 15, 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Undergraduate visual arts-media student Farshid Bazmandegan presents his solo exhibition, FREE MIND. He is interested in the intersection of film and photography—contemplating narratives of awakening and disassociation, and crisis and epiphany.

Artist Statement

Throughout ages people changed from being free minded to this type of fake mind freedom that we witness these days. People run their whole lives following orders not looking deep inside their hearts and seeing what they really want and what they really need in their life. People try to follow their dreams and then they lose track of what they want. They get molded into that machine that we call a lifestyle and it shapes us.

Being a human comes with a twist you both live your life and don’t care what other people say or judge you upon or you care for what they have to say about you and follow and try to fulfill their dreams. When we were kids we followed our dreams and we are born creative, but society, family, school, and the media try to force us into that mold.

One day we wake up and regret our choices. We limit our own capabilities to what society asks of us and suddenly we forget that we are here on this planet and living this life for us; not for other people. Usually that moment is reached in the dying bed when you think about all your life and then you judge it and think about what you have done. Have you achieved your goals? Did you live a happy life and do you regret your decisions?

What I’m trying to show is the moment of awakening that sometimes reaches a person in their life. They are feeling like they are struck by lightning. They feel lost and dissociated from their society. Some people call that a mid-life crisis, but sometimes it is the real thing. When you wake up one day and you feel like you go to a job that you hate. You are talented but you’ve lost your connection with what makes you feel alive.