MFA Candidates Melinda Barnadas & Tae O Hwang (Magpie Collective) and MFA Alumni Zac Monday and Joy Yorty featured in


a semi-monthly solo art exhibition series

curated by Lara Bullock

November 2013 - February 2014
Opening receptions on Fridays from 6-10pm:

Featuring work by:

11.01.13 Zac Monday
11.15.13 John Parot
12.06.13 Joe Yorty
12.13.13 Collective Magpie
01.10.14 Casey Smallwood
01.24.14 Zoe Williams
02.21.14 Ben Fain & Eric Amling
02.28.14 David Prince

A Ship In The Woods, 1660 Lugano Lane, Del Mar, California 92014

A SHIP IN THE WOODS is proud to present HELM, a series of solo exhibitions featuring the work of Zac Monday, John Parot, Joe Yorty, Collective Magpie, Casey Smallwood, Zoe Williams, Ben Fain & Eric Amling, and David Prince.

Each exhibition will have an opening on Friday from 6-10pm and will be open through the following Wednesday by appointment only. HELM will run from November 2013 – March 2014 (Please see opening reception dates above). All shows are free and open to the public. Donations appreciated.

About HELM

HELM was inspired by the edifice of A SHIP IN THE WOODS, itself: its mid-century architecture, its current mission, and its history. The SHIP has operated as a summer home to actor George Brent, a home to a theatre company, and a middle class dwelling. Today, it continues to function as a home in addition to serving as a venue for art, music, lectures, communal dinners, and various gatherings in pursuit of critical discourse. Both the interior and exterior of the SHIP are brimming with the appurtenances of a Wunderkammer, or cabinet of curiosities.

Taking as its focus this ever-evolving, sui generis nature of the SHIP, HELM aims to re-invigorate the space through a rotating series of singular artists’ visions. HELM features artists whose practices investigate the domestic, public v. private, the past, the arcane, and questions surrounding the practice of inhabiting and the challenge of conforming. Each artist was encouraged to fully immerse themselves in the entirety of the space, to “take the helm,” thereby taking advantage of the unconventional nature of A SHIP IN THE WOODS.

About the Artists

Zac Monday and Ben Fain & Eric Amling are interested in ritual and procession. Monday employs the mediums of drawing and crochet as well as the fantastic in order to evoke emotion and vulnerability. Fain & Amling broach rumor, mystery, and the theoretical line between fact and ficti
on through film, parade floats, and poetry.

Prince explores the dualistic nature of gardens as public/private, natural/cultivated, in addition to the overarching, mystical quality of gardens as secret enclaves.

Zoe Williams and Collective Magpie are interested in surrealist concepts. William’s piece assumes the form of an exhibition entitled Dreamlands featuring work engaged with the interplay of nature and psychology, while Collective Magpie will create an immersive sculptural, womblike dome.

Joe Yorty interrogates the language of the domestic and how the accumulation of “stuff” functions as a space for personal projections as well as conversation pieces. John Parot’s work is concerned with cultural pastiche and takes the Velvet Underground’s Loaded album as inspiration for an immersive installation which explores how the subject’s interaction with objects creates, to borrow from Donald Preziosi, “templates for the composition of our interpersonal selves.” Casey Smallwood also explores the agency of the individual in the disputable creation of self-identity and the overall complexities of human relationships through an interactive series of projections.

The HELM Series is curated by Lara Bullock, Independent Curator and Doctoral Candidate in the program of Art History, Theory, & Criticism at the University of California, San Diego


A SHIP IN THE WOODS is a 501c3 non-profit art entity based temporarily out of a mid-century house in Del Mar, CA. We are offering our space as an alternative to formal institutional formats, integrating critical dialogues in art and culture within a domestic setting. Our hope is to foster connections between various models of discourse, applying them to everyday spaces where art is realized as an exploration of one's own living environment. We are building a community and platform for professional, beginning, and mid-career artists, designers, musicians, academic literary scholars, researchers, and scientists who are invested in advancing and evolving interpretations of the world as we know it.

info [at] shipinthewoods [dot] com

Image courtesy of Lara Bullock and A SHIP IN THE WOODS.

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