Curated by Alex Jen

Featuring: Cheeyeon, Tanya Brodsky, Jaime Derringer, Audrey Hope, Kara Joslyn, Patrick Shields

Freshmen (“a little more chill than Nostalgic People”) – Jack Conway of Nostalgic People and Griffin Carlborg of Proud Moon, Paper Days (your favorite dream rock quartet in San Diego) – Niko Sitaras, Xander Sitaras, Nathan Blake and Jordan Graham

“Hide and Seek” approaches abstract art differently. It asks questions about medium, about material, about process – and hopes to get the viewer looking. Because sometimes, it’s not about listing, defining, picking apart. Sometimes it’s about seeing, and feeling. Here, we have an artist who layers acrylic messily and vigorously; an artist who casts resin and wax to comment on objects and places; an artist who embraces an “organic geometry”; an artist who repurposes found objects in her work; an artist who fools the eye with her painting process; an artist who uses precise machinery to shape geometric forms. Six different artists, six very different bodies of work – each with something important to say.

So read the wall text, but know that it’s just one interpretation. Here, abstract is subjective, and it’s up to the viewer to piece it together.

Please be sure to also pick up the 20-page publication exclusively written and printed for this exhibition, which has been designed and photographed by Grace Bruton!

“Hide and Seek” will remain open by appointment through July 19. Please email to schedule a tour/ walkthrough after the opening.

27 June - 19 July 2015
Opening Reception on Saturday, June 27th, 6-9PM

Woodbury University School of Architecture - San Diego Campus
2212 Main St, San Diego, California 92113

“Hide and Seek” is supported by the Woodbury University School of Architecture - San Diego Campus, Mark Quint and Quint Gallery. In-kind graphic design and photography support is provided by Grace Bruton. The publication for “Hide and Seek” has been made possible by the generosity of Charlie Affourtit of the Stephen Gould Corporation.

Image courtesy of the Artists.

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