MFA Candidates Jessica Sledge and David White featured in

Art(ist) in Context II

or How I Learned to Scrub the City of Undesirable Elements

Friday, 2 September 2011 // 7PM

Agitprop, 2837 University Ave, San Diego, California 92101

This performance and installation takes as its starting point five very different artistic practices that utilize disparate approaches to extra-institutional engagement with various issues, groups and environments. The artists participating include Melinda Barnadas (Collective Magpie -with Tae Hwang), who explore the natural and biological through sculptural installations; Andrew Printer, whose “new photojournalism” captures the social idiosyncrasies of particular subcultures and individuals blurring the line between fiction and fact; Jessica Sledge, whose New Orleans-inspired performance work blends the alchemical with buried urban narratives; Eddie Miramontes, who uses traditional postering and screenprinting techniques to spread poetic and critical messages; and David White, who uses art historical conventions (and institutions) as a way of creating participatory events connecting individuals and groups in localized productions.

Art(ist) in Context II: or How I Learned to Scrub the City of Undesirable Elements and InScribe Economic Viability onto the Urban Landscape imagines the stage of the Agitprop space as a mini factory of cultural production. The five artists perform working methods indicative of practices of to-day; each artist, through this production method, focusing on a topic relevant to their individual interests. Through this, a performative system is established that elbows out the other over a progession through time…the performance unfolds into a cacophony of displacements…

The performance on Friday September 2nd at 7pm will unfold in three acts. Act I will allow audience members to participate in a card game based on vegetation collected locally. Act II consists of an multi-media audio-visual performance and presentation of the processes of displacement that frequently occur to the natural and cultural landscape when strategies of economic development are implemented on models of corporate dynamization coupled with cultural initiatives. The final Act ends with a participatory procession to another ArtLab happening nearby in which audience members help to spread information related to the topics of the performance.

contact [at] agitpropspace [dot] org

Image courtesy of the Artists.

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