International Conference on Live Coding 2016

12-15 October 2016

Live coding is making changes to algorithms as they run, with the possibility for both live feedback and a live audience. A growing movement has explored live coding to create music and visuals in performance settings, while software engineering has investigated new directions in live programming language design. Researchers in many other disciplines (education, dance, psychology, ethnography and others) have begun to examine live coding’s potential to generate new research questions, methods and solutions.


Amy Alexander and Curt Miller
At the Margins: A look at marginal approaches to coding, art, and performance

Women have often participated in non-traditionally female fields by operating at the margins. They frequently have developed practices distinct from those of men, either by choice or through socialization. While these “marginal” practices have generally been perceived as peripheral in their time, they have in many cases proved to have substantial long-term impact on their fields. Amy Alexander will introduce some of these historical practices — by both women and men — in computer science and the arts, as well as some contemporary practices that populate the margins of live coding. Amy Alexander and Curt Miller will then introduce their current performance and research project, PIGS (“Percussive Image Gestural System”), which, through an amalgam of live data, improvisation, viscerality, and punk influence, situates itself in the margins of live coding. Alexander and Miller will conclude with a live audiovisual performance featuring the PIGS “video drums and guiros” algorithmic video system and Miller’s custom “talkbox clarinet” audio synthesis setup.

Amy Alexander and Curt Miller’s keynote at ICLC 2016 is made possible in part by support from the Gender Studies and Feminist Research program, and the School of the Arts, at McMaster University, as well as by support from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).
McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


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Image Credit:
Amy Alexander and Curt Miller (Photo: Nichole Speciale)
Photo is courtesy of ICLC.


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