Stateland is a collection of recent work by some of the most creative and ground-breaking artist film-makers currently living and working both inside and outside of America.

Deploying 16mm and digital collage; uncanny storytelling and subtle abstraction, Stateland puts America under the microscope, revealing the multifaceted landscape that these films are informed and inspired by. In Luciano Piazza’s ‘Windows’, voyeuristic gazes into apartment windows allow us to glimpse the everyday of American lives. Gazelle Samizay’s ‘Ravel’ reveals the impact of growing up in America as an Afghan child, interpreting the complexity of cultural crossovers. In ‘The Dark, Krystle’, Michael Robinson plays with the nature of video and the representation of familiar American TV characters from Dynasty, re-appropriating their stories with new emotional power.

Artists in the programme include: Gabriel Abrantes, Laida Lertxundi, Luciano Piazza, Michael Robinson, Ben Russell, Gazelle Samizay and Daniel Shanken.

Stateland running order:

Michael Robinson, The Dark, Krystle , 9 min, 16mm
Laida Lertxundi, The Room Called Heaven 11 min
Daniel Shanken, Remedial Efficiency, 12 min
Luciano Piazza, Windows, 16 min
Ravel Gazelle, Samizay, 8 min

Ben Russell, River Rites, 11 min
Gabriel Abrantes, Ennui Ennui, 32 min

Stateland has been curated by Jamie Wyld, videoclub., and is supported by Arts Council England.

The program will be given extra context by readings from the wondrously off-beat and distinctive poetry of US mavericks Alfred Starr Hamilton and Frank O’Hara, read for us this evening by two of the brightest stars in the contemporary British poetry scene – Steven J Fowler and Chris McCabe.

12 February 2015 // 7-9PM

Zilkha Auditorium / Whitechapel Gallery,
77-82 Whitechapel High St, London E1 7QX, United Kingdom

+44 (0)20 7522 7888
info [at] whitechapelgallery [dot] org

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Laida Lertxundi
Lecturer, Department of Visual Arts
UC San Diego

Image courtesy of Laida Lertxundi.

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