Films by Lecturer Laida Lertxundi featured in

Landscape Plus

films by Laida Lertxundi, Hollis Frampton, Bruce Baillie
and Morgan Fisher

10 February 2013, 8:30PM

CCCB - Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Montalegre, 5 - 08001 Barcelona, Spain

The cinema of Laida Lertxundi, made in and around Los Angeles, draws out a physical and psychological geography of the area, as well as dismounting cinematographic conventions. This session includes her most recent films and a selection of works by Hollis Frampton (Lemon, 1969), Bruce Baillie (All my Life, 1966) and Morgan Fisher (Picture and Sound Rushes, 1974), who had a major influence on her work.

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Featured Films by Laida Lertxundi include:

Farce Sensationelle
2009, 35mm film, 2.5 min.

Footnotes to a House of Love
2007, 16mm film, color, sound; 13 min.

My Tears Are Dry
2009, 16mm film, color, sound; 4 min.

Llora Cuando Te Pase / Cry When It Happens
2010, 16mm film, color, sound; 14 min.

A Lax Riddle Unit
2011, 16mm film, color, sound; 5 min.

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Still Image Credit:
Laida Lertxundi. 2010. Cry When It Happens