Tuesday, November 10th // 3:30-5:00 pm
Price Center West Ballroom A
UC San Diego, 9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, California 92093

Two films by Yoshida and Okada will be screened at the 2015 San Diego Asian Film Festival.
Eros + Massacre (1969). Wednesday, November 11, 6:30pm @ Museum of Photographic Arts

Coup d’Etat (1973). Thursday, November 12, 6:30pm @ Museums of Photographic Arts

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Kiju Yoshida (1933-) is one of Japan’s most artistically ambitious and politically astute filmmakers. Making his directorial debut in 1960, Yoshida became a central figure of the so-called Japanese New Wave. Becoming independent in 1964, Yoshida not only directed internationally acclaimed films but produced documentary TV series on art history (1974-77). He also directed Madama Butterfly for Lyon Opera (1990-95). Inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre, among others, Yoshida has written a number of books on his films, art history, Mexico, and philosophy.

Mariko Okada (1933-) is one of the most beloved and celebrated actresses of her generation. Okada has worked with such legendary filmmakers as Yasujiro Ozu, Mikio Naruse, and Juzo Itami. She has also appeared in numerous theatrical plays and TV dramas. Working together, Okada and Yoshida created an incredible body of films unparalleled for their artistic experiments and historical acuteness.

This event is made possible with the support of Japan Airlines, the Japan Foundation Los Angeles, Hajime Mori Endowment Fund, UCSD Department of Literature, UCSD Division of Arts & Humanities, UCSD Marshall College, UCSD Revelle College, UCSD School of Global Politics & Strategy, UCSD Department of Visual Arts, and UCSD Department of Communication.

Images are courtesy of the artists.

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