The Division of Arts & Humanities, the Center for the Humanities, and the University Library are excited to host this workshop on the Digital Humanities at UCSD. Participants will present five-minute lightening style talks about their digital work or digital aspirations in three themed panels: Archive, Visualizations and Mapping, and Scholarly Communication

The goal of the event is to better understand the conceptual landscape of the digital humanities at this campus, share expertise among digital humanities practitioners, and identify areas where institutional structures can facilitate further growth. We define the digital humanities broadly, to include the use of digital tools in research, archival practices, knowledge production and dissemination, performance, method, visualization, teaching, and other aspects of scholarly work. Digital work often benefits from collaboration and this will be an opportunity to identify projects, resources, and needs

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Michael Trigilio is part of the UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts Faculty. For more about his work, please visit:

Sara Solaimani is an UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts PhD Student.

Image courtesy of The Center for the Humanities and the UC San Diego Library.

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