16-19 April 2018

LatinAmerican Centered Speculative Design is a discursive intervention in the form of an open conference. The conference is composed of two mediated panels and a lecture that seek, as a whole, to reflect about Speculative Design as a potential area of knowledge, political practice and art from the point of view of Latin American avantgarde movements. "LACES(D)" focuses on the public debate and live construction of a working diagram of contemporary critical issues and its unfoldings in fields of Media, Architecture, History and Art, proposing a shift of perspective, even if temporary, in the disciplines of design.

Monday, 16 April, 6pm @ VAF 306
Lecture by MFA Student Mateus Guzzo followed by conversation with Prof. Teddy Cruz about the Speculative Design undergraduate major in UCSD
Tuesday, 17 April, 6pm @ VAF 306
Talk with representatives of political collectives and social organizations in and outside campus
Thursday, 19 April, 6pm @ VAF306
Panel with Prof. Teddy Cruz, Prof. Dr. Mariana Wardwell, Prof. Brian Cross and Prof. Dr. Daniel Hallin followed by closing reception with music at 9pm.


Images are courtesy of Artist Mateus Guzzo.

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