MATT SAVITSKY // Minty Untucked: Am I Drawing Now?

OPENING // Thursday October 31, 2013, 6PM-9PM

LECTURE // Talk with Todd // Thursday October 31, 2013, 2PM-3PM

LOCATION // Experimental Drawing Studio // Rm. 202 SME Building

Experimental Drawing Studio is part of the Visual Arts Department at UCSD and is located in room 202 in the new Structural and Material’s Engineering Building. The studio provides an active research environment with a primary interest in defining drawing as an inclusive and expanded form. The Studio’s reach spans across university departments, institutions, and geographies.

Experimental Drawing Studio committee: Amy Adler, Nichole Speciale, Emily R. Grenader, Joshua Tonies, Allison Spence, and Kara Joslyn.

As part of the series, Am I Drawing Now, Matt Savitsky will present Minty Untucked, an exhibition of drawings produced during his tenure in UCSD's Visual Arts Graduate Program. The Experimental Drawing Studio will serve as a momentary frame for Savitsky’s drawings, pulled from past projects (Roomface Realness and False Flattery) and current works. The collection exposes the foundation of his multimedia practice. In a special event, Savitsky will host his collaborator, UCSD music doctoral student, Todd Moellenberg, to talk about the crosshatched nature of their collaboration. Specifically, Savitsky and Moellenberg will discuss “rehearsal space”, parsing methods of drawing and embodying musical score. This discussion will build upon the E.D.S.’s ongoing dialogue about embedded drawing practices.