14 August - 31 December 2010

Interact, create and discover while you explore the works of Doris Bittar, Wes Bruce, Ingram Ober and Marisol Rendon. The interactive installations presented by these artists examine various connotations and significances of the word green introducing thoughts on cultural identity, human imagination, world hunger, alternative energies and the creative process. Each installation includes an interactive component that will foster open communication and experimentation between you and the artist. Beginning opening night, August 14 and continuing through November 7, 2010 you will be able to alter and engage with each installation according to the artists’ guidelines. Return to the Museum during Artist in Residence Week, November 9 – 14, 2010, and watch all four artists recreate and/or add to their installations in response to the changes you’ve made.

Go to the CA Art Center Escondido Museum and discover your way through Bruce’s nostalgic architectural forms. Touch, move and draw Rendon’s furry felt fruit and vegetable sculptures. Create massive green paintings on canvas in Ober’s Green Century installation and hear the sounds of Arab, Chinese and Aztec cultures when exploring Bittar’s world of pattern.

Wander through the Museum’s hallways to find video documenting the fabrication and installation of these works for an intriguing behind the scenes peek into the process of mounting an art exhibition.

The California Center for the Arts, Escondido Museum would like to extend its profound thanks to the below corporations and individuals for their generous support of this exhibition:
SDG&E A Sempra Energy Utility
The Samuel I. & John Henry Fox Foundation
The Kenneth T. & Eileen L. Norris Foundation
The Arthur & Jeanette Pratt Memorial Fund
Photo Dark Room, Ink.
Green Castle Textile, Inc.
Stone Brewing Co.
Antique Refinishers Inc.
Sullins Connector Solutions
Objectiva Software Solutions
Elbanna Arabic School
House of Palestine
Ibrahim & Muna Dayeh
John Gibbon
Camil & Dima Saab
Zoe & Andre Batarseh
Suad & Danny Kashou
Ty & Fadiya Odeh
George & Susanne Salameh
Ed & Lynn Shamieh
Ayoub & Angela Jaraicie
Michael & Mona Khoury
George & Kathy Wahab Md.
Naser Barghouti
Nader & Afaf Elbanna
Amani Jabsheh
Fatima & Taysir Abu-gharbieh
Manal Swairjo
Michel & Delores Madbak
Ed & Ethel Sweed
Jamil Barhoum


California Center for the Arts, 340 North Escondido Boulevard, Escondido, California 92025

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Doris Bittar is an UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts MFA Alumna. For more about her work, please visit:

Image Credit:
Doris Bittar, Tarab Soundings, 2010
Tarab Soundings is an interactive piece. The dulcimoon, a new 87-stringed instrument designed by Doris Bittar is played by moving a gliding panel that has a plectra behind it that plucks the strings.
Each hexagon is tuned to a different culture: Aztec, Chinese and Arab.