21 June - 8 July 2017

Presentations of Completed Works:
Friday, July 7th // 6-8PM
Saturday, July 8th // 3-6PM

Curated by Monika Zarzeczna

We got lucky is about spatial margins, boundaries, representations, and, to put it simply, the experience of occupying a space.

Between June 21st and July 6th, seven artists will create site-specific work or recreate already existing large scale works that contemplate these themes through sound, video, performance, installation, and sculpture. Visit the space during the first three weeks, to observe the development of their projects and/or join the artists on the 7th and 8th for the presenations of their completed works.

Participating artists include Alan Calpe, Josh Hartley, Karolina Kazmierska, Pierluigi Calignano, Zerek Kempf, Jonathan Harris and Monika Zarzeczna

Chashama, 470 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, New York 10017

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Alan Calpe and Zerek Kempf are UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts MFA Alumni. For more about their work, please visit:

Alan Calpe

Zerek Kempf

Image Credit:
Alan Calpe, Feeling Unreeling
Still image detail is courtesy of Artist Alan Calpe.

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