The Art of Climate Change Science

La Jolla Historical Society: February 11 – May 21
San Diego Public Library: June 10 – September 3

Organized by the La Jolla Historical Society in collaboration with Curator Tatiana Sizonenko and Science Consultant Alexander Gershunov.

Weather on Steroids: the Art of Climate Change Science merges the artistic and the scientific for a visual dialogue about climate change, the effect of variable weather on local communi-ties, and Southern California’s vulnerability. The exhibit draws on scientific expertise at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, where investigators are researching climate change, humanity’s role, and possibilities for a sustainable future. Visual artists have responded with subjective images of the planet’s upset balance and the impact of extreme weather. By illuminating the reality of climate change, Weather on Steroids aims to stimulate public dialogue about one of the most important issues of our time.

Participating artists include Tiersa Cosaert, Judit Hersko, Cheryl E. Leonard, Dana Montlack, Lilleane Peebles, Oscar Romo, M. Luna Rossel, Eva Struble, Paul Turounet, Ruth Wallen and Allison Wiese.

Contributing scientists include Michel Boudrias, Michael Dettinger, Alexander Gershunov, Kristen Guiguis, Ralph Keeling, Manfredi Manizza, Art Miller, Walter Munk, David Pierce, Richard Somerville, and Shang-Ping Xie.

Major support for this exhibition provided by Climate Education Partners (CEP), which is funded by the National Science Foundation, and by The Ray Thomas Edwards Foundation, Donald G. Yeckel, Chairman. Additional support provided by IS Architecture, the Samuel I. & John Henry Fox Foundation, the Florence Riford Fund of the San Diego Foundation, Walter and Mary Munk, Jeffrey and Joy Kirsch, and ArtWorks San Diego.
780 Prospect Street, La Jolla, CA 92037

Open Noon to 4pm Thursday – Sunday
Art Gallery / San Diego Central Library, 330 Park Blvd, California 92101
onview [at] sandiego [dot] gov

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Ruth Wallen and Allison Wiese are UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts MFA Alumni. For more about their work, please visit:

Ruth Wallen

Allison Wiese

Tatiana Sizonenko is an UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts Art and Media History, Theory and Criticism PhD Alumna. For more about Sizonenko, please visit:

Image Credit:
Ruth Wallen, Listen to the Trees, 2016.
Image is courtesy of Artist Ruth Wallen and the Climate Science Allience.