Thursday, March 23rd // 5-7PM
Calit2 Theater, Atkinson Hall / UC San Diego

Stefani Byrd, Sarah Ciston, Amy Rae Fox, Heidi Kayser, and Fernanda Navarro

The Burden of Selfhood the next event in the IDEAS performance series in the Qualcomm Institute. The interdisciplinary work by UC San Diego graduate students and alumni explores feminism, identity and technology.

Technology has accelerated the recursive gaze to the point that we continually perform and project back onto each other our internalized expectations for unattainable perfection. By combining research from cognitive science, music, poetry, video and performance art, this work investigates the experience of viewing and being viewed as a gendered body. This poly-vocal performance will use large-scale data visualizations and live performers to make explicit both the collective gaze and the implicit impact of being seen. Through projection mapping and large scale video, the face becomes a malleable surface bearing traces of all the data it absorbs.

About the Artists:

Stefani Byrd’s artistic practice includes video installation, new media, and interactive technologies. She aims to shed light on the complicated nature of communication within a contemporary culture where social stereotypes often define our interactions. She is an MFA alumna and current Lecturer in the Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts (ICAM) major in the Visual Arts Department at UC San Diego.

Sarah Ciston was recently named one of SF Weekly’s “Best Writers Without a Book” and now has two books slated for publication. She graduated from University of Southern California’s Resident Honors Program as a Trustee Scholar and is now researching precarity and GIF poetics as an MFA candidate in Writing at UC San Diego.

Amy Rae Fox is an information designer and doctoral student in Cognitive Science at UC San Diego. Her research examines the notion of representation and the relationship between external representations and cognitive activity. Fox is interested in how representations of abstract concepts might engender novel insights, pushing the boundaries of human conceptual processing.

Heidi Kayser's interdisciplinary work interweaves sculpture with performance, fashion, photography, drawing and digital media while examining the relationship between body and self-image. A UC San Diego MFA alumna, she recently premiered the CARAPACE Collection of sculptural garments on the runway at the CUSP Fashion Show, and is currently working on a public art sculpture and performance in Los Angeles.

Fernanda Navarro is a composer who works with instrumental and electronic music and has been exploring performance art and installation. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at UC San Diego and promotes experimental music as a producer and curator of concerts and music festivals.

Image is courtesy of the artists.

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