The sixth edition of L.A.’s premier performance art gathering will present over 40 performers, distributed through out Downtown Los Angeles' Chinatown galleries and public spaces on the 15th of August between 1PM and 10 PM.

This year Molly Jo Shea, Los Angeles native, performance artist and co-director of gallery and international artist residency ESXLA, is curating the festival with help from the Chinatown Galleries and venues.

The title of the event is based off of Chinese Food restaurant Foo Chow’s infamous, tourist-trap sign that reads, A Best Seller Movie By Jackie Chan Rush Hour Was Shot Here.

Perform Chinatown 2015: RUSH HOUR is free, day-long festival celebrating live performance work . It will feature endurance-based pieces, public engagement work, dance and movement pieces, stand-up comedy, karaoke, micro-parades, derives, spoken word, noise, and experimental music.

Some of the noteworthy happenings scheduled include:

-Ambar Navarro will have an online shopping-based installation in the main space at Automata while Liz Toonkel will be doing a multimedia performance in the basement.
-A monster-mash costumed parade by Samplista!
-An interactive performance by illness advocacy group, Patient Experience.
-A comedy stage and comedy-based performances curated by Chrysanthe Oltman at The Public School.
-Clown Collage with Marshall Astor at The Public School.
-A gigantic installation of Jerry Maguire VHSes by Everything is Terrible.
-Chicago-based, new media performance group Atom-r will be doing a piece based off of the life of chemically-castrated, WWII code-breaker and war hero, Alan Turing and bringing gigantic inflatable breasts created by Claire Ashley.
-Conceptual Art Consultants will be on call to offer idea consultation.
-An art-obstacle course from Amy Day.
- Parris Patton will be hosting Opera Karaoke.
- OTIS Alumni Elena Rosa will be performing monologues in drag as Yul Brynner at 5th Floor Gallery, which currently has a pop-up OTIS alumni art store.
-Boob mug relaxation-station by Alice Lang.
-Heat changing, color-changing mediation piece by Michael Powell.
-Charlie James Gallery will be hosting interactive robotics artist, Alex Reben.
-Musical performances from Earth Like Planets, Jung Money, Jeff Zilla, Rachel Mason, Period Bomb and MORE!
-IRL/URL after-party music experience, Living Room, at Melody Lounge.

Artist include: Patrick Rees, Alice Lang, Conceptual Art Consultants, Miggie Wong, Dani Dodge, Craig Ultraviolence Cady, Atom-r, Evans Vestal Ward, Tod Moellenberg, Liz Nurenberg, Alex LeGolvan, Patient Experience, Elizabeth Folk, Jeff Zilla, Luke Forsyth + Cornell Reed, Amy Day, Jose Perez, Everything Is Terrible!, Matt Doyle + Emily Jane Rosen, Caitlin Adams + Chelsea Rector, Parris Patton, Dustin Smith, Mirabelle Jones,Samplista, Elle Mehrmand , Angie Jennings, Margie Schnibbe ,ITSWOLF, Jung Money, Earth Like Planets, Period Bomb, Elena Rosa, #LIVINGROOMTODAY and so many more!

Image courtesy of Artist Angela Jennings.

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