March 19, 2017
7:00 - 8:00 PM
Visual Arts Facility, Main Graduate Gallery

Second-year MFA candidate Jessica Frelund is excited to announce a one night performance of BRUSH THICKET COPSE at the University of California San Diego’s Main Gallery at the Visual Art Facility, 252 Russell Ln, La Jolla, CA 92093. Participants include Martin Chapman, Lawrence Chit, Jfre Coad, Jess Dominguez, Alan Goodman, Diego Guarda, Cyrus Jalinous, Jonah Paraizo, Jeremy Rojas, and Ryan Wardwell.

The call of the void, translated from the French phrase, l’appel du vide, is the state of feeling the sudden urge to jerk your car off the cliff or into oncoming traffic. This phrase is used here to express the impulse to completely and suddenly derail from the familiar or habitual, pertaining, in this case, to melody, cadence and dynamics. In an effort to orchestrate groups of people with specific practices and varying skills, Frelund has brought together 10 electric guitarists, resolving to employ derailment as method for both playing and composing. The composition moves through a series of mindscapes, transitions being either void, bridged, or abrupt. The timing of these illusory realms translated to sound, corresponds to the the dreams people experience throughout the night which get longer as they sleep, varying from seconds to 20-30 minutes. However, Brush Thicket Copse is a thought experiment.

Refreshments, stools and earplugs will be provided. Silence inside will be necessary. The performance will be just under one hour, and will be narrative. Please note, the inappropriate location for sound is part of the experiment, as the performance will be recorded where the sounds converge and buckle.