KaleidoLA Speaker Series: MICHAEL ANO, Artist and Art Educator

Friday, February 5, 12:15p - 1:15 PM
Murphy Recital Hall 1955 Ignatian Circle, Loyola Marymount University
Los Angeles, CA 90045

The primary question of Michael Ano’s research is how can we show care for those who are near and far—contemplating care in the formal (teacher-to-student, mentor-to-mentee, doctor-to-patient) and the informal (lover-to-lover, friend-to-friend, relative-to-relative) sense. Secondarily, Michael is interested in how he can portray these explorations of care as discrete visual objects. Currently Michael is developing a new body of work, CAT124: EXHIBTION BUILDING, an ongoing experimental performance and exhibition series contemplating the intersections of pedagogy, para-institutional practice, labor, and institutional critique.

KaleidoLA: The Speaker Series of the Department of Art & Art History

The speaker series provides a context to explore a ‘kaleidoscopic’ range of interdisciplinary and intersecting experiences and pathways in the art world and Los Angeles. The Friday speaker series features presentations and workshops by a spectrum of emerging and veteran practitioners, as well as, recent alumni within studio arts, art history, and beyond.