An Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference

2-3 March 2018

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Sound — an un-solid state, a phenomenon of flux and emergence — opens up fluid spaces in which to theorize and create across disciplinary boundaries. Sound siphons diverse conceptual frameworks and methodologies, allowing them to coexist and take on new forms. Not only does sound borrow from divergent bodies of knowledge, it blurs the distinction between creative practice, research and scholarly work, calling on researchers to consider their interconnected roles as listeners, performers, composers, curators, builders, etc. Sound acts as a conduit for labor from a variety of collaborators, resulting in radical epistemologies and hermeneutics.

The Integrative Studies (IS) program at UC San Diego’s Department of Music is a community of faculty and students whose work moves fluidly between scholarship, performance, improvisation, sound installation, composition, instrument building and more, with the common goal of theorizing through sound. Our inaugural conference asks questions about what it means to do “integrative studies,” offering the metaphor of “fluidity” as a starting point for querying silos and hierarchies of knowledge.

The conference will feature:

Keynote Address by George Lewis, Columbia University

Keynote Performance by Clara Latham
Conrad Prebys Music Center / UC San Diego, La Jolla, California

Image detail is courtesy of The Integrative Studies (IS) program at UC San Diego’s Department of Music.

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