Kara Joslyn's Transmission.

Opening on Wednesday, 19 November 2014 // 5-7PM

Gallery Hours:
Nov 20, 2-6PM and on Nov 21, 2-5PM

Open by appointment in November, email: pchecagi@mail.ucsd.edu 

UC San Diego, Visual Arts Gallery at the Structural and Materials Engineering Bldg (SME) #142
9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, California 92093

Mineral Spirits displays work that wonders about how to inhabit a gallery space. In recent art by Tanya Brodsky, Catherine Czacki, Shana Demassi, Kara Joslyn, Aitor Lajarín, Joshua Jon Miller and Hermione Spriggs, materiality and objecthood are central concerns. Organic materials including fruit, plants, poppy seeds, tobacco, wax and wood are some of the constituent elements here, and their presence evokes the process of becoming; an unfolding of form arrested in time.

When we consider objects that appear to contain a kind of spirit inside them, we are reminded of Roger Caillois’ The Writing of Stones, which finds wonder, mystery and a life force inside the stoniest, most disinterested matter:

Life appears: a complex dampness, destined to an intricate future and charged with secret virtues, capable of challenge and creation. A kind of precarious slime, of surface mildew, in which a ferment is already working. A turbulent, spasmodic sap, a presage and expectation of a new way of being, breaking with mineral perpetuity and boldly exchanging it for the doubtful privilege of being able to tremble, decay, and multiply.

Obscure distillations generate juices, salivas, yeasts. Like mists or dews, brief yet patient jellies come forth momentarily and with difficulty from a substance lately imperturbable: they are evanescent pharmacies, doomed victims of the elements, about to melt or dry up, leaving behind only a savor or a stain. Every space is filled, every interstice occupied. Even metal has insinuated itself into the cells and channels from which life has long since disappeared. Compact and insensible matter has replaced the other kind in its last refuge, taking over its exact shapes, running in its finest channels, so that the first image is set down forever in the great album of the ages.

The writer has disappeared, but each flourish - evidence of a different miracle - remains, an immortal signature. - Roger Caillois, The Writing of Stones (1970).

Mineral Spirits was curated by Noni Brynjolson and Paloma Checa-Gismero.



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