Artemisa Clark
Reception May 15, 7 - 10 PM
Open May 13 - 15, 2 to 6 PM or by appointment.
Visual Arts Facility, Graduate Gallery

Nothing We Haven’t Seen Before uses the appropriated aesthetics of Félix González-Torres, whose own aesthetics were appropriations of minimalist and conceptual aesthetics, to intersect three occurrences that cannot be remembered by those who experienced them – the death of Ana Mendieta; my own experience being drugged (without my consent or knowledge) and subsequently becoming very lost on-campus; and the death of Claudia Alvarez whose body was found only a few feet away from UCSD’s Birch Aquarium. The intersections of these stories with both themselves and the way in which they are presented levels historical, structural, and personal trauma while reflecting a larger conversation about how trauma is lived with, moved on from, and at the same time continual.